Webby Archive

Archive of Mike Webster’s “What Would Webby Do” series as well as a collection of Mike’s MarketSmith screens. Both were originally shared on Twitter.

Mike Webster’s What Would Webby (WWWD) Archive

Mike Webster is Portfolio Manager for a private fund. He previously worked with Investor’s Business Daily as the Head Market Strategist and prior to that was with O’Neil Capital Management as a SVP and Portfolio Manager.

While working with IBD, Mike started a What Would Webby Do series focused on day-by-day analysis of the Nasdaq Composite as well as the big picture view of the technical action throughout the week.

Mike’s articles are published here to make the content easier to navigate. Beginning on March 13th, 2020, the weekly updates moved to Investors.com and became the Weekend Stock Market Update.


WWWD Charts – Charts I created to accompany Mike’s articles.

Webby MarketSmith Screens.

Webby’s Help Screen

Are you struggling to build your watchlist? No worries, Help Is On The Way 😂

I built a @MarketSmith Webby’s Help Screen ☮️

@IBDinvestors #DaysBetween @jerrygarcia

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Webby’s 4th of July Screen

Notice above there were 43 stocks returned (running the screen on July 4th, 2020).

Screening is an art, making one small change can make for a huge difference in the results. With one change (highlighted in yellow), the results go from 43 down to 4.

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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 7/13/20

Following are three charts based on @mwebster1971‘s stock market update The Raging Bull Vacation. Hopefully these will provide some additional visual context to the week’s technical action.

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